the construction of chinese musical instrument erhu

the construction of chinese erhu is relatively simple,it is made up of sound box,bar,snake skin,qian jin,bridge and bow etc.

the components of  chinese erhu from the several major components, their functions were described as follows:

sound box

It is an important part of the erhu-resonance body ,through the push-pull movement of the bow  wipe string  to vibrate  the skin to pronounce .
the shape and material  have a direct impact on the sound quality.Generally it was produced with black rosewood and aged redwood.
the window of sound box has not only a decoration function but also do a positive impact on the sound quality.

 There are two kinds of skin,python skin and snake skin, python skin is better. the skin material is important to the pronunciation of Erhu body。

erhu bar
the material of bar usually is rosewood ,black wood and redwood,but the redwood is more widely used.

erhu axis
there are two kinds of axis,wood peg and mechanical axis.
they all have advantages and disadvantages.
wood peg is more stability,but it is difficult to tune it,
Mechanical axis tune quickly and comfortablely, but sometimes appears loose, sliding and other phenomena, will easily lead to run strings .

string is important part to erhu.
common material is metal. such as siliver,  aluminum,others like silk ,but silk string is easy to break,so today the metal string is widely used.

 qian jin
the fuction of qianjin is to stable the also has some impact on the pronunciation.
the most common material is horse tail.